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Anonymous asked: I assumed cause you said last relationship meant their were others

true, whats your biggest regret in a past relationship?

Anonymous asked: Do you miss any of your exes? Would you get back with one?

yes. and maybe depending on who and how it happened. how’d you know i had multiple exes?

Anonymous asked: What is your biggest regret in a past relationship?

probably taking my last relationship for granted and letting my emotions get the better of me when we would fight. but i consider it a lesson more so than a regret. one nighters dont compare at all to being in a relationship, so if i ever like another girl more than that i know that i’ll have to be smarter about it.


Angry pigs

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Something Light. Feedback More Than Welcome.


i wouldn’t like me either

thatnaturalsunlight-deactivated asked: this is just a late night "hey" because we haven't said anything to each other in a while. I hope this isn't inappropriate. I don't really remember how we left off.

Hey, how have you been?? This isn’t inappropriate though lol. Idk how we left off either but text me, because i got a new cell.

It’s Cold

This that watch a movie and cuddle type weather.


pretty girls and fly hats

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If you close your eyes just as it crashes, you feel really relaxed because your brain thinks you’ve actually died for a second.

^ that comment has really fucked me up

Mind fuck

Who needs meditation when you can trick your brain into thinking your dead?


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must cop

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